Circumcision of the Heart Ministry
For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.
Philippians 3:3
The Hall Brothers: Making a Difference in Prison
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The Hall Brothers (Joe Nathanal, David Lee and Cleophas James) were born in Pahokee, Florida, a small migrant town located in Palm Beach County. Other siblings are older brother Amos Alfonzo, (deceased) and sisters, Chrysandra Fay Hall-Skinner and Olivia Ann Hall- Ferrell.

Along with their parents and other siblings, The Hall Brothers, moved to Charleston Park (Alva Florida) where they lived for several months before moving to Fort Myers, Florida. The Hall Brothers lived with both their parents for a while. Their father, Bishop Joe Nathanal Hall, Sr., (1912-2005), was the Pastor of the Glorious Community Holiness Church of Fort Myers, Florida and mother Ruby Lee Harris-Hall, (1934-1992) proud housewife. Bishop Hall also worked as an auto mechanic for Rossi's Service Station in Fort Myers, Florida.

Raised the sons of a Preacher, the Hall Brothers had a very strict and restraint childhood. Their father was an extreme authoritarian who believed in "training a child in the way he should go" literally, by any means necessary. A formal Sergeant First-Class of the United States Army, 32nd degree Freemason and Pastor, Bishop Hall was not short on rules and regulations for disciplining his children. However, it was their mother Ruby, who held her family together supporting her husband's discipline with a strong constitution of love. Housewife and peacekeeper of the family, Ma-Ruby would do whatever was necessary to keep the peace and her family together.

On the surface the Halls were your typical Christian family that prayed together and spent the evenings talking over dinner with Bishop at the head of the table and Ma-Ruby at his side. Picture perfect, a Hallmark moment, until Wednesday evening, November 11, 1970 when the Hall family would experience one of the most tragic moments of their lives.

On November 11, 1970, after a heated argument, Bishop Hall shot and killed his oldest son, Amos who was 22 years of age. With a 25mm automatic pistol, Bishop Hall shot his son seven times out in front of their (the Halls') Palmetto Court apartment. Joseph was 14, Chrysandra 12, David 7, Olivia 4 and Cleophas 3 years old.

After that dreadful day, life as they knew it... was never the same. This tragedy would affect each of them in a different way. David, Olivia, and Cleophas were much too young to really understand the impact of what had really happened. Joseph and Chrysandra on the other hand, being the eldest of the siblings and quite old enough to somewhat understand, was affected in an awesome way.

At the age of 14, with no one to turn to, who remotely understood how to help a 14-year-old boy deal with such a traumatic experience, Joseph's life began its downward spiral into a world of extreme pain and confusion.

Trying to make sense of it all, he struggled with the trauma as best he could. But with being named after his father, a simple roll call in class would spark long heated discussion of the tragedy that became seemingly unbearable, especially, for a 14-year-old boy trying to explain the unexplainable. Being in school became more and more difficult, so much so, that Joseph felt the only thing to do was to leave school.

November 30, 1973, three (3) years later, Joseph quit school in the twelfth grade; he convinced his mother that he needed to get away from the memories that haunted him following his brother's death. Joseph got his mother to consent to his enlisting into the United States Army, at the age of 17. This would prove to be a mistake. He would soon find that there was nowhere he could run to get away, no matter how far he traveled. Wherever he ended up the pain, confusion and emptiness was there waiting for him to arrive.

After dealing with the unbearable hurt as long as he could, Joseph found the relief he needed. Relief just as tragic as the problem he tried to turn away from. While serving in the Army, he met new friends…these friends introduced him to, what he thought to be the solution to his problems. With a blatant disregard for the advice of close friends, James and Joy Daughty, Joseph began using heroin intravenously and any other drugs and alcohol available.

After eighteen (18) long painful years of abusing drugs and alcohol, three unsuccessful marriages, failing at everything he put his hands to do, Joseph ended up in federal prison... with a 30-year sentence. Joseph was tried and convicted February 5, 1993, of conspiracy with intent to distribute crack cocaine with his two younger brothers David and Cleophas; they have been incarcerated approximately 16 years.

Joseph started while serving in the United States Army stationed at Wackenhien, Germany; he had some very serious trust issues, along with the drug addiction. You have to understand; he had developed his own sense of normalcy, seeing the world and understanding it through the eyes of a 14-year-old child. A boy whose traumatic experience was seemingly responsible for the way he responded in relationships of any kind.

Joseph, out of ignorance and a lack of knowledge, felt that he hated his father and mother for what he believed they had done to their family. The hatred that he had allowed himself to harvest inside later affected the way he treated people for over some 30 years of his life.

In his first marriage he became what he hated most- his father. Joseph had become abusive to his wife and stepchildren. His rationale was that he was the man of the house and it was his way or no way at all. Joseph had come to believe that a man ruled his home with force and fear. His wife, according to his way of thinking, had no rights. Joseph's life seemed to have no meaning or purpose until he finally understood the true source of his hatred.

Simply put, Joseph had learned to use his brother's death as a crutch. Although, it was a tragic and painful experience, he finally understood that it was no excuse for his behavior. After long years of suffering and confusion, Joseph realized that if his life was going to change for the better, he had to surrender all to God, forgive his parents, and asked forgiveness for his behavior as well.

Unfortunately, Joseph's mother died in March of 1992, approximately six months before he and his brothers were indicted on the charges for which they are now serving time. Shame, guilt and anger caused Joseph to feel he hadn't taken advantage of the time he and his mother shared together. He wanted to tell her that he had forgiven her. ..Forgiven her for something that wasn't her fault in the first place. In his mind he hadn't said, "Mom I love you" enough.

However, at her bedside at Lee Memorial Hospital, before her death, Joseph had an opportunity to talk about many things and even though he didn't actually say it, I believe she passed knowing her son loved her very much-evident from the many conversations Ma - Ruby and I shared before she went to be with the Lord.

Joseph shared with me on many occasions how he wished that he had said he loved his mother more. He has stated on countless times that if he had anyone regret, it is how he allowed himself to waste so much time feeling sorry for himself and blaming his parents and the world for his life.

Joseph's father died November 18, 2005, while living in a nursing home for several years. Fortunately, for the both of them, Joseph Jr., got the chance to say to his father what he had longed to say for a very long time. As a result of the many strokes he had suffered over the years; Joseph's father was bedridden and unable to speak. However, Bishop Hall Sr. (Joseph's father) seemed to understand every word his son Joseph, so compassionately shared with him-during what was to be their last conversation before his father went to be with the Lord. A conversation that was made possible when a friend took her cell phone to the nursing home; so that Joseph could speak to his father, words that Bishop Hall Sr. had waited so long to hear.

In a letter, Joseph stated to me that he believe his father held on to life as long as he did, in order to hear those words of forgiveness from him. Joseph’s father's birthday was November 17th and he passed away on November 18, 2005 at the age of 93.

On the night of their father's death, the Hall Brothers were at a dress rehearsal in the visitation room, at Coleman-Medium Correctional facility, preparing for the musical production of the play "Job" written by, a very close friend, Vernon Burch who is also incarcerated. Vernon played the part of Job and the Hall Brothers were his three sons. In this play the modern day Job and his family suffers all kinds of tragedies finally ending with Job and his sons going to prison on conspiracy drug charges. The production was scheduled for Saturday, November 19, 2005. As a dedication to the memory of their father, the Hall Brothers, gave the performance of their lives, in the presence of their sisters and other family members in attendance.

Only those closest to them knew the tears they shed during their performances, were actually tears of grief for the death of their father who had passed the night before. It wasn't until after the show that the audience was informed of their father's death. Minister Patrick Simmons wanted the audience to know of the Hall Brothers (his friends') love and of their dedication to see the program through, he also solicited prayers for the Hall's family.
Joseph later explained to me that he and his brothers decided the night they were told of their father's death, that they would see the production through as a memorial to their father, no one would be told of Bishop Hall Sr.’s death until after the program, in order to keep the rest of the cast focused on the play and not on them.

I believe the Hall Brothers to be living testimonies for many others who have had to face some extraordinary circumstances against all odds finding themselves without the courage, spirit or strength to respond. In the midst of it all, they have had to deal with these past 16 years, they have managed to rise above all their losses, suffering and pain with the same faith in Jesus, resilience and tenacity that has enable them to stand faithful to the Lord and strive to make a difference. Not only in their lives, but the lives of many others.

In 1995, Joseph enrolled into a correspondent course at Blackstone Law School where he received a Paralegal Certification. He enrolled and finished a two year course in a typing and computer class at Marianna Federal Correctional Institution in Marianna, Florida and he completed several other programs as well.
On September 6, 1998, Joseph Hall was ordained to the ministerial position of Bishop and David Hall was ordained to the ministerial position of Minister bestowed on them by Strait Gate Ministries of Fort Myers, Florida by Pastor, Founder and long time friend, Bishop Ronnie Battles.

In June of 1999, Joseph, along with his brother-in-law Minister Tyrone Ferrell, his brother Minister David L. Hall and Sister Olivia Ferrell founded Circumcision of the Heart Ministries, Inc., based in Jacksonville, Florida. Joseph is the Senior Bishop and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Circumcision of the Heart.

Joseph Hall teaches a Bible study class at Coleman Medium, of which, David Hall, Cleophas Hall and Ronnie Tape, a long time friend, are Facilitators. On June 3, 2006, they had their first graduation where 34 students graduated and on November 4, 2006 their second graduation and 35 students graduated a total of 69 students in all. Also, following the graduation, Minister Ferrell, assisted by Bishop Hall ordained six people to the ministry. Three of those ordained are incarcerated (Minister Patrick F. Simmons, Sr., Pastor of Christian Outreach Ministry Evangelism (COME) Coleman-Medium, Minster Shedric Graham and Ronald A. Glinton, Jr.) and the other three are members of Circumcision of the Heart Ministries living in Jacksonville, Florida.

Circumcision of the Heart Ministries currently supports a school in Kingston, Jamaica, sending school supplies to those poverty stricken children. Currently, they are in the process of expanding their support ministry into the Dominican Republic, Columbia South America and hopefully some of the seriously challenged communities throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area.

They have set a goal to establish a separate financial support account called "Strangers, Orphans, and Widows (SOW), which will give monetary support to programs already established to help those in financial need within poverty stricken communities. It is their prayer that this project will, in time, grow to benefit many of those less fortunate.

Minister David Hall is currently working to establish a liaison with the Consuls of the Embassies of Kenya and Ethiopia in hope of creating a support group to help save 'the thousands of children who are taken into slavery and force to fight in combat for their oppressors.

The Hall Brothers hope to record and produce their first CD upon their release from prison. The Hall Brothers along with the rest of the Spiritual Inspirations and other groups were privileged to participate in the recording of the Paula White Television Ministry and later the Zachary Tims Ministry recorded live at Coleman Correctional Complex-Medium.

Joseph served as President of the N.A.A.C.P. Prison Branch (Unit 51A5) at Coleman Medium for the 2007-2009 tenure. As President of the Coleman-Medium NAACP Prison Branch, Joseph Hall had hoped to build a system within the prison system that would allow prisoners to help themselves by building within prison walls an institution for learning.

Furthermore, it is their hope to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through letters, their web site and any other means possible. This year the Hall Brothers are striving to make their detainment at Coleman Medium institution a productive experience and letting their lights shine; so that God may get the glory

To God be the glory for all he has done !

Ms. Virginia L. Neal